3D Printed Fiber Spectrometer Kit



3D print a real scientific instrument. The spectrometer is a scientific instrument used to separate and measure components of light. Spectrometers are used in astronomy and chemistry for their capability to determine chemical composition of materials. Or it can help you to determine the spectrum of a lamp, an LED or even a laser. In visible light a spectrometer can separate white light and measure individual bands of color, called a spectrum (rainbow pattern).

This fully 3D printed fiber spectrometer is easy to build and functional instrument. The optical fiber guides the light into the spectrometer where the wavelengths of the light are separated by a diffraction grating. A tiny USB camera sends an image of the spectrum to a computer or even a smart phone (via OTG cable). On the computer you can see the rainbow pattern and analyze the intensity of light as a function of wavelength with an online-software.

Use your 3D printer or a 3D printing service to print the open source housing of the spectrometer. The carefully prepared “3D fiber spectrometer kit” includes all the other components needed as well as a detailed instruction on how to build the spectrometer. No soldering, no screwing, no gluing, everything clips together nicely.

Once build, you can start using the spectrometer to explore light sources arround you. This is scientifically called optical emission spectrometry.
You can then even extend your scientific instrument by 3D printing more accessories. 3D print the cuvette holder and you can even do optical absorption spectrometry and analyse the color of liquids. Optical clear cuvettes are also included in the kit.


3D printer, 0.4mm nozzle, 0.16 or 0.2 mm layer height, PLA, black

Included in the kit
– USB camera, resolution, compatible with mac, pc and linux
– USB cable
– Optical fiber (light guide)
– Diffraction grating
– Optical Slit
– Cuvettes 2x
– Printed instructions

Order you kit now and start 3D printing your parts (download files here).

All files designed by GaudiLabs, published under creative commons license

Online-Software by Public Lab (publiclab.org)



3D print and build a scientific fiber spectromer device