OpenDrop V4 Cartridge, Heated Pads and Tube Adapter


OpenDrop V4 cartridge with 3×2 heated pads. Requires OpenDrop with Temperature Controller Option.


The new OpenDrop V4 Cartridge is a fully assembled cartridge system of electrode board laminated with a 16um ETFE foil, hydrophobic coating and ITO top cover. The cartridge has 4×8 individually addressable electrodes and 4 CT-type reservoirs. For special application this cartridge has 3×2 heated electrode pads with temperature sensors for regulation.  This cartridge also has 4 ports with tube adapters for 1/16″ tubing.


  • 3×2 Restively Heated Electrodes with embedded temperature sensors
  • 4 silicon port tube adapters to insert 1/16″ PTFE tubing
  • Temperatures of the 3 regions can be set separately in PC software
  • Temperature range of ambient to 100 °C
  • Dielectric 16um ETFE foil
  • Coating FluoroPel (foil and cover glass)
  • ITO Cover glass
  • Gold coated 14×8 electrodes array, 2.75 mm x 2.75 mm in size, 4mil gaps between electrodes
  • Liquid gap: 240 um
  • Droplet volume: 2 ul
  • Reservoir volume: 12ul

This special cartridge with heated electrodes requires an OpenDrop with Temperature Controller Option.