ChaosLooper Noise Synthesizer


The famous ChaosLooper noise synthesizer. Now finally available as a kit.



Introducing the ChaosLooper noise synthesizer. Built based on the popular digital loop chip PT2399 the circuit produces diverse looping noise by amplifying the charges of the on-chip memory. The speed of the loop can be varied from slow noise floor to fast beats. A built in filter and noise switch modify the sounds. The line in can be used to seed the chaos.

I built this instrument many years ago and it became one of my favorite synths. I played it in HackteriaLab Romainmôtier, at the Rural Hub in Naples, with LifePatch in Yogyakarta and at Gaîté Lyrique in Paris and every time I was surprised about the intensity and the spectrum of its noise. When ever I play it I discover some new sounds and ways to play it. Its a synth of its very own kind.

Now final available as a kit. All you need to do is solder the potentiometer and switches.
The optional bottom case is available here as a download for do it your self 3D printing.

Warning: This is not a traditional looper. Its a noise machine. Big powerful amplifier stage recommended.

Tip: Play two of them together or feed one into another for extra fun.

Contents of the kit:
– Electronic board with all surface mounted parts per-assembled and tested
– 3x Alpha potentiometers
– 3x solid aluminum knobs (hex key)
– 2x switches
– Assembly instructions

Short Demo:

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