SteamHead LED-Synthesizer


Playable synth with only 2 LEDs a battery holder and an audio jack. Yes!



This unique LED-Badge-Sythesizer, built form only 4 components, blinks, flashes and makes sound when connected to an active speaker. Developed during a residency in SteamHead maker-space in Shenzhen this super minimal synth is a real hack. There is no micro-controller, the sound is generated by the oscillator built in SMD LEDs. And it does not stop there. The synth can even be played (see video). People have seen many blinking LED badges in China but this blew their mind. Surprise your geek friends with this unique badge. And it makes for a good soldering challenge too (instructions included).

Kit includes circuit board and all components.
Battery (CR20), active speaker and cable not included.

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