Open.Theremin V3 Shield Kit


Build a modern version of the legendary music instrument played without physical contact – invented by Leon Theremin back in 1920.

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The Open.Theremin Kit is an Arduino shield to build a real, playable theremin music instrument. The theremin is played with two antennas, one to control the pitch and one for volume. The electronic shield is built with two heterodyne oscillators, same principle as the original Theremin. The Arduino micro-controller is there for linearisation and filtering and also generates the instruments sound that is then played through a high quality digital analog audio converter on the board. The characteristics of the sound can be changed by a hex wave table. The Open.Theremin V3 is based on the popular Arduino UNO development board and can be reprogrammed easily.

The more than three years of experience in building good quality and affordable digital theremins lead to this new and improved design version 3. It features a new fully automatic one button calibration of the antennas. A new mute function as well as a knob to adjust the sensitivity (Register) and wave form (Timbre).


  •   Pitch and volume antenna with excellent linearity and digital tuning
  •   Arduino compatible shield for easy programming
  •   Full digital auto-tuning (one button press)
  •   12bit digital to analog converter generates audio out signal
  •   Waveform can be reprogrammed freely (stored in a look-up table)
  •   USB powered, no extra power supply required
  •   Can be powered by battery
  •   Low profile SMD design for simple shipment
  •   Pads to screw or solder on antennas or antenna cable
  •   One button interface
  •   Distance of hand to antenna is converted to a digital value that can be used for other applications than theremins
  •   Mute function
  •   8 preprogrammed audio wave forms can be selected
  •   Pads to connect grounding directly to board
  •   Completely open source hardware and software (OSHWA Certificate CH00001)

The Kit includes the assembled and tested electronic board as well as mechanical and electronic parts to set up the open.theremin.

Included in the kit:

  •   Open.Theremin V3 shield (tested)
  •   Pin headers
  •   2x Antenna plugs for board mounting
  •   4 x potentiometers
  •   1 Button
  •   Screws, nuts and washers for mounting antennas and front panel
  •   2x 5 mm square LED-lights
  •   Acrylic pad to attach camera stand (1/4″ UNC)

Antennas, Arduino.UNO and tripod are NOT included in the kit.
Order the new Open.Theremin antenna kit to fit with the board.

You can also easily make antennas your self from any conductive tubing. The open.theremin automatically adjusts to different types of antennas. To fit with the connectors included in the kit, best use tubing with 4 mm inner diameter.

Comes with printed build instructions.

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