OpenTheremin V4.5 Deluxe Bundle


Open.Theremin V4.5 with antennas plus 3D printed back cover, tripod stand and USB-C cable.

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The Open.Theremin is a real, playable theremin music instrument with a big, active community. The theremin instrument is played with two antennas (included in this bundle), one to control the pitch and one for volume. The electronic design is based on two heterodyne oscillators, same principle as the original Theremin invented by Lev Theremin back in 1920. In this newest version 4.5 of the OpenTheremin, the Arduino compatible micro-controller is built in, pre-programmed and no soldering is required. The on board auto-calibration,  linearisation and high quality digital to analog audio converter make this a real playable instrument (stand alone, does not require a computer to play).  Four knob to adjust the antennas, sensitivity (Register) and wave form (Timbre).

The more than 10 years of experience in building good quality theremins lead to this new and improved design. Excellent linearity makes it a good instrument for learning how to play the theremin.


  •   One board design, pre-programmed, no soldering required
  •   3D printed back cover makes this a stunning instrument
  •   Pitch and volume antenna with excellent linearity and digital auto-tuning (one button press)
  •   State of the art USB-C cable for powering, easy access side mounted connectors
  •   Sensor Button for mute and automatic calibration.
  •   8 preprogrammed audio wave forms and 3 registers can be selected
  •   Two control voltage (CV) outputs for pitch  and volume to connect to other devices
  •   Full size, removable antennas
  •   Very portable, can be powered by battery
  •   Tripod adjustable for ideal playing position
  •   Breakout connector for expansions.

Design by Danish designer Peter van der Beek (Design Academy Eindhoven)

Included in the kit:

  •   Open.Theremin V4.5 electronic board (with connector and tripod mount)
  •   3D printed back cover
  •   Pitch and Volume antenna (two parts with connector)
  •   Quality height adjustable tripod (black)
  •   Black anodized aluminum knobs
  •   USB-C cable, 1.0 meter (to USB A, black)

The antennas are made from anodized 6mm aluminum tubing and fit well with the theremin design and connectors.
USB power adapter and active speakers are NOT included in the kit.
Any USB plug (e.g. old phone charger) works.

Comes with printed user manual.

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