OpenDrop V4 Cartridge


Fully assembled and coated OpenDrop V4 cartridge.

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The new OpenDrop V4 Cartridge is a fully assembled cartridge system of electrode board laminated with a 15um ETFE foil, hydrophobic coating and ITO top cover. The cartridge has 4×8 individually addressable electrodes and 4 CT-type reservoirs. Using the water based “Digital Liquid” this cartridge can do move, mix, split and reservoir dispensing on an OpenDrop V4. The liquid can be filled and removed from the side of the top cover glass into the reservoirs. The cartridge is detected by the device and the ITO glass is connected to the feedback amplifier by the cartridge connector.


  • Dielectric 15um ETFE foil
  • Coating FluoroPel (foil and cover glass)
  • ITO Cover glass
  • Gold coated 14×8 electrodes array, 2.75 mm x 2.75 mm in size, 4mil gaps between electrodes
  • Liquid gap: 240 um
  • Droplet volume: 2 ul
  • Reservoir volume: 12ul

The cartridges are produced in a controlled environment.
Cartridges are vacuum packaged individually.

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