OpenDrop V4 Magnet Driver Board


Driver board for OpenDrop V4 with magnets for magnetic beads separation.


Replacement driver board for OpenDrop V4 with two movable magnets for magnetic beads separation. Two motors shifting two neodymium magnets, diameter 3mm, up and down separately. Just unscrew the driverĀ  board and replace it with this driver board with magnets. The driver board also comprises the two HV507PG driver chips for powering 128 electrode channels as well as a DIMM connector for the cartridge. Connection to the main board by 24 pin, 0.5 mm pitch FFC zero insertion force flat cable and connector.

Recommended magnetic beads:
– 1-2 um diamter
– 0.05mg / ml conectration
– Clear digital liquid as buffer

The driver board can also be used to add extra components such as sensors, actuators, temperature regulators or electromagnets. 3.3V power as well as two digital lines are accessible on the board for experiments.

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